2021 TAND Invitational – IBC Speciality Event status

2021 TAND Invitational – IBC Speciality Event status

South Africa’s premiere slab contest returns as an IBC Speciality Event in 2021.

Exciting news coming out of South Africa, The TAND Invitational event will be running in 2021. The organisers are confident that the four week holding period, running from 15 July – 15 August, will allow them to select the best day to run the five hour long event.

TAND is widely known as one of the heaviest waves in Southern Africa, and this speciality event sees 16 bodyboarders tackle the aptly named toothy beast.

The 16 rider field will be made up of the 4 finalists from 2018 TAND event, 4 riders who qualify via the trials and the remaining 8 bodyboarders will be decided on international/world tour rider availability. Should there be a shortfall of international riders, the available spots will be filled by wildcard entries, both local and international.

The David Lilienfeld Trials, which was introduced back 2012 to gives any rider the opportunity to qualify for the 4 available spots in the main event and gives them a guaranteed place in the line up, and a chance to become the TAND Invitational winner. Trial date to be announced.

The day before the holding period opens, 14 July, will feature a live streamed online heat draw party.