Between the Lines

We all stare at the same ocean, however, some of us choose to read between the lines. This is a cinematic story following the photographic journey of Sacha Specker.  It’s an intricate and rewarding relationship between man and the sea that evokes food for thought.

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Story – Direction – Cinematography: Jason Hearn

Cast : Sacha Specker as himself
Chris April as the Fisherman
Zeph Stentiford as young Sacha
Aad Van Der Linden as old Sacha

Voiceover: Olafur Darri Olafsson
The script was written by Peter Sherlock
Original Music score: Philip Ekstrom
Sound Design and Final Mix: Will Berridge and Carlos Hernandez
Studio on-location sound: Ike Forsyth
Phantom Camera: Johan Horjus
Edit: Jason Hearn
Gaffers: Dickie “Badger” Bloemraad
Yazeed Williams
Intro mood score: Juice Audio
Stylist: Althea McPherson
Timelapse Photography: Brendon Wainwright
Rory Allen
Craig Howes
Extra Footage: Sacha Specker
Paul Daniel
Mikey Corker
Dale Staples
Aerials: Peter Sherlock
BTS Photography: Brigitte Stanford
Dane Staples
Richard Johnson
Daniel Grebe
Studios: Platypus
Grinder Films
The Shred
Lighting gear: Flash Lighting and Digital