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1) Hello Aden how are you doing thanks for chatting to us hows the lockdown been going?

Hey Angelo, firstly cheers for the interview, all is well. Lockdown hasn’t been too bad, a little tough but the positive is that it’s allowed for more time to build on the business and to work on getting super fit for the next swell!

2) So tell us about yourself and your bodyboarding career a bit?

Sure thing! My name is Aden Kleve, I grew up in Cape Town and have been bodyboarding for as long as I can remember. My love for bodyboarding began at a young age, playing around in the shore break with my older brother Josh. I just loved how fun and easy it was to do and slowly over time my hunger to ride different waves and push myself grew. I started competing in the Western Province trials when I was 12 years old and was stoked to meet an entire crew of like-minded people who enjoyed bodyboarding as much as I did. I made the Western Province team 8 times and when I finished high school I decided to travel to Australia to compete on the Australasian bodyboarding tour. I made the top 8 in my first year and then pursued the international bodyboarding circuit for 3 years after that. I traveled to Hawaii, Portugal, Spain, Puerto Rico, and Australia (again) competing in both Pro & Drop knee. My best international result was 2nd place at the Sintra Pro 2011 for drop knee.

Aden showing off his skills at his local 💪 Invert by Allan Horton Photography

3) Tell us about Bodyboard SA and how did that come about?

Bodyboard South Africa is 100% bodyboarding. The focus is to spread the fun of bodyboarding and grow the sport through lessons, clinics, and weekend bodyboard packages. We also offer camps whereby a limited number of boogers can book with us and experience South Africa’s awesome waves, culture, food, wildlife & more. Bodyboarding has and always will be the most fun sport (in my opinion) and with Bodyboard South Africa, our primary goal is to give our clients the best and most enjoyable boogie experience possible whilst scoring the waves of their lives. The idea came from growing up and bodyboarding all over South Africa and seeing the need for a business that is strictly bodyboarding orientated BUT is for all levels. I think as a sport, bodyboarding is not massive but it’s definitely the easiest to get into. It’s a great way to be in the outdoors, it promotes a healthy lifestyle and the social side is awesome too! Anyone can do it so for me it was a no-brainer to start a business that caters to everyone on the boogie spectrum – very stoked to see the response we’ve had thus far and look forward to building, growing and expanding in the near future.

Learn to boogie and have fun!

4) We love your vibe! what is the future looking like for the business with Covid-19

Thanks, bru! Of course, Covid-19 has been a bit of a handbrake for us, but to be honest it’s allowed us the time to build and grow our online presence and expand the reach to those who haven’t heard of Bodyboard South Africa and who are now keen to take up some lessons or join us for a camp or clinic! The froth levels are maxing to get back in the water (as we’ve been locked up here in SA since mid-April), so with everyone keen to get back in the water ASAP once this lockdown has been lifted, we’re more than ready and prepared to show you all the best boogie experience possible!

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5) What do you think of the future of SA bodyboarding at the moment?

South Africa has been a fertile country for producing world-class bodyboarders, and it will continue to do so in the years to come, due to our diverse coastline and waves on offer. That’s a fact. The general sport of bodyboarding is continuously growing and we hope to play a big part in this growth by opening up the doors to riding the boogie in a safe, fun & well-instructed environment. The ultimate goal is to grow the demographics of the sport, and one way this can be achieved is to continue exposing the sport to women and girls as well as seniors and others who love the ocean but have never tried to ride a craft. Bodyboarding is an easy and accessible sport for all, and we want to be pioneers in reaching all groups of people! Finally, we have our eye on a few independent and fun competitions as well as weekend clinics to continue building and expanding our community of South Africa Bodyboarders! Bodyboard South Africa believes that if you’re having fun on a bodyboard, you’re doing it right!

6) Where would you like to see the sport in the future? 

Personally I think the bodyboard is such an accessible and fun craft to use in the ocean, so there is no greater joy than to see it infiltrate into people of all ages’ lives. South Africa has SO much to offer- from great waves, experiences, sites and our culture, it is truly an all-round, unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience. With this in mind, we would love to bring more and more international riders, both pro and free-surfers, to come and experience  South Africa and for it to become a must-see and “bucket-list” spot on all riders’ travel itineraries. Finally, bodyboarding is probably one of the safest and easiest water sports for people to enjoy together. It boosts confidence and overall ocean knowledge and so we want to see people of all ages and social groupings, walking the beaches with their boogie boards and fins!

PLC and the future rippers

7) What else do you guys offer besides just lessons and tours? 

We offer lessons (private or groups), guided tours (internationals or out-of-towners), camps, and clinics. The aim of our clinics is to focus on a certain skill and we usually bring in an expert to host that one-day clinic. We also run a weekend bodyboard school for the younger generation and we are loving the commitment and boogie froth! We are also looking into corporate events to give those office junkies something different and fun to do for their year-end functions, rather than the same old paintball or go-karting experience repeated each year. I’ve also created an online bodyboarding course, which can provide anyone with the basics of bodyboarding as well as tips and techniques for those wanting to improve their skill on a more advanced level.

8) Who’s next up on the interviews and do you enjoy doing them? 

Absolutely love doing them and I truly hope the followers are enjoying them too! Next up is the legend Vaughn Harris. For those who don’t know who he is, you’ll have to tune in on Wednesday 13th May 2020 @ 4 PM on our Instagram live chat session – @bodyboard_southafrica

9) Any new clips coming out soon of you and Mrs for our viewers and did she teach you those moves? 
To be honest that was a spontaneous decision but it took off so perhaps when we reach 3K followers on our Instagram page?! So if you’re not following us then find us & FOLLOW @bodyboard_southafrica

🙏🏼🎊🎉2000 FOLLOWERS🎉🎊🙏🏼THANK YOU to all the followers and supporters of @bodyboard_southafrica – stoked to bring boogie froth from here in South Africa and hope to see everyone soon after this pandemic🤙🏼 ..For now here’s a celebration boogie dance with my wife @annetjie_kleve to inspire you boog frothers out there during this time! ..Dare we say boogie dance challenge??#boogiedancechallenge .Tag your #boogiebuddies below🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️ #bodyboardingsouthafrica #bodyboardlessons #bodyboardguidingsa #bodyboardguiding #bodyboarding #tourism #capetowntourism #southafrica #airbnbexperiencescapetown #capetown #ocean #adventure #capetowntourism #waves #letsboogie #bodyboardschoolsa #bodyboard #bodyboarding #bodyboardcamp #bodyboardingcamps #bodyboardcampsa #2020yearoftheboogie

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10) Thanks for chatting to us! Any last words/shoutouts for our readers?

An absolute pleasure, I appreciate the interview. For whoever is reading this article – if you’re keen to learn how to bodyboard, improve your riding or come and join us for a clinic or camp, feel free to contact us at we’d love to show you how much fun bodyboarding is and get your boogie froth through the roof! For our loyal followers and riders, thank you for your continued support and we can’t wait to see you all in the water soon!

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