Boogie Spot Check – North Beach

Welcome To North Beach the most consistent wave along Durban’s Golden Mile.
Breaking 365 days of the year.
A shifting beach break/sand bar allows a variety of waves and bowls.
You are able to ride the outside wave in and you work your way into the punchy North Beach Bowl wave.
Works on South East Swell along with a fresh offshore wind.
Break anything from 1ft up to 6-8ft, on the odd occasion 10ft plus.

Andre Botha – New PIer 📸 Pic by Al Nicoll
Reverse by Dre 📸 Pic by Douge Fresh
Karl Liebenberg 📸 Pic by Marck Botha

This spot is very popular with bodyboarders, you will find the same crowds of guys there every morning, it can be surfed on average 5 days a week, with a good friendly vibe in and out of the water. North Beach has bred a lot of South Africa’s top professional and underground bodyboarders.

We have had 2 x World Champs in Andre Botha and Iain Campbell learning their trade-off these famous world-class beach breaks and piers we have to offer. Then the likes of Alistair Taylor, The Cockwells, Billy and Hayden Thiel, Sascha Taljaard, Paul Sartorius, Paul Gibbs, Grant Barnard, Craig Maree, etc spread the knowledge to the up and coming groms who flocked the stairs outside Joe Kools, Durban Surf, Steers, and Wimpy.

Iain Campbell – North Beach 📸 Pic by Nic Aberdein

Growing up at North Beach shaped who I am today. It taught me how to be street smart and know my surroundings as well as train me in some of the toughest conditions, both good and bad. But most of all it kept me humble and taught me respect for both the ocean and the people who were around me. If it wasn’t for the beach and community of bodyboarders teaching me along the way I wouldn’t have achieved everything I have done up until today! Shout out to the OG, Billy Thiel, for the biggest lessons of all.
"2017 World Champ Iain Campbell"
ST DK Style
Province:Central Kwa-Zulu Natal
Country:ZA   South Africa
Aerial Map:
Classification:Beach Break
Predominant Wave:Lefts/Rights
Favourable Winds:SW
Swell Range:1-12 ft
Footage of Mates cruising and Surfing North Beach, South Africa between 1995-97 by Chilternburt

North Beach is zoned a swimming beach, so to surf there one must be there before the bathing is opened in the morning, or after bathing is closed in the evening, an incredibly good right-hander when it’s working, barreling across the sandbanks.

North Beach has for many years been the home of the Durban Surf Lifesaving Club and host of many surfing events. Parking is safe, and your car is protected by car guards who depend on tips, not on a salary. But like anywhere parking is at your own risk! Hope you enjoy the ride…

Angelo Ackerman 📸 Pic by Profarazzi Surf