Iain Campbell Exclusive Interview With ZA Boogie

1) How has Hawaii been going? 

Hey Bru! Good to chat to you guys.
Hawaii has been a really challenging season for me. From injury to a Pipeline win is not the worst way to spend a season. I had a lot of time to do other videos and focus on photos, videos and my YouTube channel. It’s been a good season in that sense and I’m looking forward to what else this year holds. 

2) How’s your year been so far and hows the injury going?

The year has been good but with the injury it’s not easy. To those who don’t know I took a bad wipeout at Keiki that stopped my season and meant I was out for 3 weeks which was super tough being in Hawaii and not riding. But it’s getting better and I have a lot of focus on getting it to 100% when I am home.

3) What are your plans this year contest wise, any future videos/films coming up?

This year will be filled with video and photo content from me. I plan to do 5 videos on my year which will be surf related videos and edited by myself. But I will be working with my usual team to make some epic stuff. When it comes to events I plan on doing as many as possible but not too sure how that is going to go with this coronavirus going around so will see what happens there before I get some solid plans down. 

4) How are you feeling about the APB Tour coming to your home waters in CT?

It is gonna be awesome to have the APB riders here in 2020.
I’m really excited to finally get an event of this size here in South Africa that the youth can really strive for! 

5) What do you think of the future of SA bodyboarding at the moment ?

The future is amazing. Looking at the last 3 world champions you can’t think that the sport is dying at home. The idea now is that we will have to make sure the youth is educated and pushed to the level we were and make this a path for them to take. 

6) Where would you like to see the sport in the future? 

I would love to see real athletes taking part and getting paid for their work. Many guys are so capable of great things in the Bodyboarding scene but don’t have the funding. That would be where I would like to see the sport turn to and help to push these guys to the next level that they deserve. 

7) What do you think about the new website we have started in South Africa? 

We always need a media outlet and something to promote the sport in South Africa. It’s just how we will push this to support the riders. I think having this in the right place and pushing the top riders and youth is the best promotion for everyone. It’s exactly what is needed right now for people to look up to!

8) How’s the vlogging going have you been enjoying that side of things when you travel?

I have always had a passion for photography and videography so being able to use that and pushing people in the most positive sense is what I am striving to do with my vlogs and my YouTube channel. I started on some epic how to videos which have been helping people so much and I am so grateful for the opportunity to help progress so many riders to where they want to be. 

9) Congrats on winning the Pipe Contest how does it feel?
The last minute buzzer was intense did you think you were going to get the score at the end? 

Thanks Bru! That was a big one on my list!
For sure it comes close to my world title win. It is something I have dreamed about and really pushed to get to. I knew it was going to be difficult but it came as such a good time in my life. Last year was so tough for me and to finally be able to call myself a Pipeline champion is so huge for me. The buzzer beater just made it all that much better and I had no idea what I was going to be scored until I hit the beach and Tanner told me I got a 10. Amazing end to a challenging season on the North Shore. 

10) Any shoutouts you would like to give also? 

I would love to give a shoutout to my sponsors for their constant belief in me and what I do. Thanks to everyone who is constantly following me and appreciating what I am doing in the sport of bodyboarding.
Keep the boogie dream alive!

Thanks for chatting to us!
ZA Boogie Out…