Jared Houston: One on One

How long since your last surf? 📷: @jairopacwaves

1) Hello, Jared how you doing! Thanks for chatting to us hows the lockdown been going in Puerto Rico?
Howzit! Lockdown in PR has been in place for almost a month already and its been pretty full-on. Full curfew in place from 7 pm-5 am each night, during which no-one can be outside of their homes. During the day, you can go to the supermarket, pharmacy, bank or doctor/hospital but that’s it. You can only drive 3 days of the week, and the 3 days you can are determined by the last number on your license plate. Absolutely no surfing, or beach access so essentially we’re under house arrest. I guess that its a great measure to take in order to slow the spread of the virus and flatten the curve, but one can’t help but feel that there are more sinister things at play here. As far as how it’s going for me and my family? No complaints, we are in an awesome place. Lots of space, trees, grass, plants and things to do so we’re taking advantage of the time at home.

Hanging from trees is the new fun family experience! 📷:Pic by Jared

2) How’s your year been so far before COVID-19?
2020 has been a trip so far, to be honest. The year started with a series of earthquakes that devastated the south side of the island and caused many people to lose their homes. The aftershocks were super scary and unsettling too as they continue to this day, a full 3 months later. The waves have been pretty good so we’ve scored amongst the chaos but in a nutshell, this year has been challenging.

Beach Time ☀️🌴🌊

3) How have the Houston Bodyboard camps been going?
Camps have been awesome so far. Unfortunately with this crisis, we’ve had to put the project on ice for now but we’ll be back for next season! Keep following us on Instagram to keep up to date. I’d love to host our first South African in 2020!? I know the exchange rate is a killer but we’d sure go out of our way to give you the experience of a lifetime!

So rad to see the #681bodyboardingclub taking off again!

4) How are you feeling about the IBC Tour coming to your home waters in CT?
It’s epic, long overdue! I really hope I’m able to be there for it, but even if I’m not I’ll be watching it from a distance for sure. Hats off to the organizers for making it happen, as it’s no walk in the park.

5) What do you think of the future of SA bodyboarding at the moment?
I haven’t been home in over 4 years, so it’s hard for me to really say as I don’t get to see the day to day state of it, but obviously, the SA riders are some of the best in the world as proven by the last 4 world titles between Iain, Tristan and myself. However, I don’t think this is an adequate gauge of the direction the sports heading in because we, especially Iain and I benefitted hugely from the SABA tour all through the 2000s and the level of competition and camaraderie that is produced. Right now I think the focus in SA needs to be on the club scene, re-birth interest in competition and hanging out at the beach through boogie clubs, where we don’t need to be in the upper 1% of the population economically to participate. The World Tour event is cool as an experience and will for sure attract a huge crowd but in terms of sustainability and investment into the growth of the sport in SA, I doubt it will do much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not detracting from its value and how epic it is, but it cannot be the only event in SA this year or even the primary focus. I’d like to call out the top riders in each province/ town to step up and make a local club happen, with at least 4 comps a year and a few social activities. This is the best way forward I see at this time!

The last 3 World Champs🇿🇦 📷: Pic by @jdhubb

6) Where would you like to see the sport of bodyboarding in the future?
In the water, continuing to create smiles and good times!

Invert 📷: Pic by @monchd

7) What do you think about the new website we have started in South Africa?
I think it’s awesome! Another great tool to unite the community and keep people interested in the scene. You guys should cover all the club events that the top riders are going to start now haha😀

8) What are your plans this year if there is a tour and will you be competing in Cape Town?

Are plans even a thing in 2020? I would love to compete in Cape Town, we’ll have to see what happens though. Hubboards had a few cool trips lined up but those are on ice for now too. I wasn’t going to compete on the IBC Tour before COIVD19 started rearing its ugly head, and was planning on focusing on my camps, free surfing with Hubboards and doing an English teaching course online.

A Chungo Story

9) Any new clips coming out soon and how has it been riding for Hubboards?

Yes, there’ll be some clips coming over the next few weeks! Riding for Hubboards has just been a dream. Working with two great friends on something that we all love and riding the best and most extensive gear on the market, what more could you ask for!

New colour-way by @hubboards 📷: Pic by @monchd

10) Thanks for chatting with us! Any shoutouts for our readers?
Thanks for the time Bru! Keep wet, stay safe and keep boogieing!
Cheers Bru👊

Play date. Strange times we're living in right now as COVID-19 wreaks havoc worldwide. Puerto Rico just extended its lockdown period until May 3rd (yes, that applies to ocean use as well) and its got me feeling all the feels. Enjoy this clip of a "play date" with my main homie at our favourite park. Presented by Hubboards. Film and Edit : Moncho Dapena

Posted by Jared Houston on Sunday, 12 April 2020