Bodyboarding ARS Explained with Iain Campbell

The ARS or Air Roll Spin is a very popular move. It is a great way to link to the


Hubboards Island Trilogy – Part I

Part I of the Hubboards Island Trilogy! This episode features Jeff Hubbard, Dave Hubbard, and Kuko Font absolutely shredding on


Moz’s highlights – Winter 20/21 – Canary Islands

A full motivation clip of Amaury Lavernhe riding at home this winter!! Filmed and edited by



Winter Season Opener filmed by Dave McMaster featuring Robbie Berman, Emile Maree, Andre-Hugo Van Zyl , Dane Marrison, and Trent


Why we love Cape Town Summer!

The Best of Cape Town Bodyboarding during Summer. Please subscribe for regular videos!


Product of the week – NMD MEZ 7X

The Mez 7X is a take on an old classic. The template has been fine-tuned incorporating modern design techniques without


Iain Campbell joins The Bodyboard Depot

This month I am welcoming a new sponsor on board in the Bodyboard shop area and that is Bodyboard Depot.


Boogs Behind The Rock // Snapper

Bodyboard Action Behind The Rock at Snapper Rocks, Saturday 20th February 2021 with Matt Lackey, Mitch Rawlins, Liam O’Toole &


O.N.E 2021 // Episode 2 – A Worldwide Collaboration Project – [POV Bodyboarding]

O.N.E 2021 – A Worldwide Collaboration Project. O.N.E (or Our Naked Eye) is back for 2021, a series of short


Beaches Are Officially Open || Iain Campbell

Cyril said let the beaches be opened, and now we can surf again. So stoked to be out there. The


Jacob Romero || The Bay – First Big Hawaiian Swell of the Season

The flyin’ Hawaiian Jacob Romero, sending it into the flats during the first big swell to hit Maui on the


Lewcid Dreams // High-Performance Bodyboarding by Lewy Finnegan

The follow up to 2015’s “Glewten Free” is a showcase of Lewy Finnegan bodyboarding in his home state of Western


Product of the week – Lapa Side Boogie Bag

Check out the latest local Boogie Bag from Lapa Side which holds up to 2 boards up to 44″ inches,


Product of the week – Rip Finz Bodyboarding Fins

Rip Finz Floating Bodyboarding Swim Fins are manufactured from the best natural rubber and provide the comfort and power you


Jared Houston – “West Side Vibes”

Hubboards presents the final episode of the Swell Story II mini-series titled, “West Side Vibes” brought to you by 2x-Bodyboard World


Bodyboard Bottom Turn Explained

I am excited to share with you the fundamentals of what it takes to get the board down the wave


Southern Oasis // BSR

Jeff Hubbard met up with The SackChat crew in Waco, Texas for a 10-hour power session…Riders: Tanner McDaniel, Craig Whetter, Tristan


Stephen Du Preez // Puerto Escondido 2020

My time in Mexico has been an absolute dream of a trip that quite frankly the longest trip I’ve had,