Product of the week – NMD MEZ 7X

Sale for 7 days only at Pollywog Surf or The Surf Garage 031

The Mez 7X is a take on an old classic. The template has been fine-tuned incorporating modern design techniques without losing the versatility this board was famous for. The NMD Mez 7X Bodyboard in PE version for more buoyancy and a more intuitive ride. Its shape including a medium nose and a beautiful master slightly offset towards the tail offers excellent speed on the wave shoulder without compromising handling. We find a formidable PE core in cold water which offers an ideal surplus buoyancy for early waves. The NMD Mez 7X Kinetic PE Tension Tech features a CFT fiberglass stringer for instant response to all your demands.

Off the original Mach 7X template with modern features and construction. Being a fan of old-school bodyboarding and reminiscing of days past. It was a pleasant surprise to get on the board and not miss a heartbeat. As memory served the Mach 7X template was one of the most responsive and versatile back in the day. If you could perfect perfection then Mez has done it. The board is fast, agile, and super responsive. The X flex addition to the bottom also gives you great propulsion. Great Value for Money. Finally, its slick surlyn offers optimum durability season after season.