South Africa will feature on the 2022 IBC World Tour


South Africa ” I see you” finally on the 2022 IBC Bodyboarding World Tour…
So many South African Tour riders and local bodyboarding spectators can’t wait to experience and see! A World Tour event on our home shores, as you know South Africa has a breeding ground for many talented bodyboarders, and with that, we have produced 5 different World Champions in 2 divisions. Andre Botha, Jared Houston, Iain Campbell, Sascha Specker, and Tristan Roberts have achieved these feats for their home country. The Walker Bay Pro will be held on the 18th – 29th of August in the town of Onrus, Cape Town and will be the first World Tour event held in Africa.

The 2022 IBC World Bodyboarding Tour officially gets underway at the Lurin Pro, Peru, on 11 March. The 2022 tour events take place in Peru, Chile, Brazil, Hawaii, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Portugal, France, and Spain (Canary Islands). The 2022 IBC events schedule also features two special events, the TAND Invitational in South Africa and the Annaelle Challenge in France.