Tristan Roberts Interview: The World Champ is here!

2019 Gran Canaria Fronton King Pro | Final Highlights
Tristan getting some in Portugal 🇵🇹 📸 Pic by @laura.dutra

1) Hey Tristan, thanks for chatting with us!
How’s lockdown been going in Portugal and are you able to surf now?

 No worries man, thank you for having me! Lockdown in Portugal was good compared to what I’ve been seeing happening in most countries. Yes we went without surfing for about 50 days, but we could always still exercise outside whenever we wanted and that kept me sane. But now that we can surf again since the 4th of May, it’s been good. I’m grateful to be cruising in Portugal in these tough times we have been facing.

2) So how did it finally feel to win your first world title at Fronton?

I think it was just one big relief, to be honest. I’ve always felt the pressure of people always telling me that I would be world champ one day. I’ve always hated the idea of not achieving that and then people thinking that I didn’t fulfill my full potential. So it felt good to get the monkey off the back, other than that I don’t think to win a first world title could be any more special. Having to win fronton to be crowned world champ is a crazy task man. One that any world title contender never wants to have when going to compete at fronton. The level of riding is just so high and to think that if you lose one heat, you lose your world title. That’s what was going through my mind throughout the entire event. So the emotions after winning were the purest I’ve ever displayed. The look of relief and pure happiness was all over my face. 

World Champion 2019🏆

3) What have you enjoyed so far about being World Champ? 

 Honestly, there’s no feeling of being a world champ. It’s the moment of being crowned that we chase, then that’s over. It’s now a memory, one that I will cherish forever. You don’t feel any different, you just have an amazing experience to look back on and always relive for a few seconds while daydreaming, but other than that the title doesn’t change much. You maybe get recognized by people who didn’t realize the hard work you were putting in before being crowned. All the hard work and sacrifices will never be known. But you may be, by a few more people that is. 

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Posted by Tristan Roberts on Sunday, 10 May 2020

4) Do you think you will be defending your title this year with all the COVID-19 going on?

Who knows what 2020 will bring. I think it’s a very unpredictable year for a lot more than just bodyboarding. So we will just have to wait it out and see. I hope I can just bring an exciting show to the fans when the tour does start again. I think this break was good for me. It gives me time to just reflect and enjoy some off time from competing after such a crazy year. Now I can enjoy free surfing in Portugal and just take it day by day.

Lazy days waiting for waves ☀️🇵🇹

5) We hear you releasing your signature board and just saw your leash come out with Pride how’s that been and when will it be ready for launch?

Yeah I’m really excited about what Pride has been working on. I’m just busy testing my Pro model at the moment and I’m loving it. The design is sick and I can’t wait to show it off. But for now I’m biting my tongue and just waiting till October when I will bring out a new clip of some riding and the release of my first Pro model. So happy about it and I can’t wait to get some feedback from the public. 

New Boards from @Pride Bodyboards
Looking ready for testing!

6) What do you think of SA bodyboarding right now and what could be done better?

South African bodyboarding definitely doesn’t lack talent, guys are ripping. Not sure if many guys have the desire to chase world titles, but it’s totally possible. I think we need to focus on developing a lot. We need to have bodyboarding clinics to introduce people to our sport and show everyone how fun it is. As soon as we can actually introduce more people to it, the more talent we will see and the more stoke we will share. We need to focus on the new generation and show them how fun it is to ride a wave on a bodyboard. That will create a bigger competitive scene and the numbers at local events will increase and allow for bigger and better events. That’s just my opinion, we need to build on the local tour and find ways to improve it.

Tristan boosting at home in Cape Town. 📸 Pic by Allan Horton

7) Any new clips or movies on the go at the moment?

So I have been filming here in Portugal, but the lockdown cut me short and gave me a lot less swell to deal with as I missed two months of winter swells here. But I gathered some good things here and like I said I will be free surfing plenty and working on the release of my Pro model. So that clip is my biggest focus right now and it’s coming along real nice! I’ll keep everyone posted through social media on the exact date of releasing it, but it will be around October.

8) Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years in the sport of bodyboarding?

That’s a tough question, but I do see myself traveling to new destinations to ride waves I have always wanted to get to. I also see myself chasing more world titles and improving my riding weaknesses. Right now I’m so grateful for what bodyboarding has given me. It has allowed me to travel the world, ride waves I’ve always dreamed of, met amazing people, and allowed me to experience so many different cultures. At 23 years old I have truly been blessed to experience it all and I truly thank everyone for all the support along the way. 

9) Cape Town or Portugal haha know that your girlfriend lives there!?

Hahaha ah classic. I love home, to me being in Onrus and chasing waves along our coastlines is something that will always be something I long for. There’s just something about it. I have a good life road tripping pretty much all the time when I’m home. Portugal has been really good to me, the locals are epic and I’m trying my best to learn as much as I can of the Portuguese culture. The waves are incredible and there’s really good food. I think my lifestyle here is a lot like the one I live at home and that’s why I enjoy it so much. I do have my beautiful girlfriend showing me around here too, which has been a massive help. So it’s hard to choose, but I will say I miss a braai and winter is calling me. So I’ll be home as soon as I can. 

Hanging with his lady in Portugal😍

10) Thanks for chatting to us at ZA Boogie and last words or shoutouts to your fans.

 Honestly, I just want to thank everyone who has shown me their support over the years. South Africa has so many gees in supporting their boys and I really do appreciate it. I hope lockdown ends soon and we can all have fun chasing the winter swells and share the stoke in the lineup. Thanks for the opportunity to say a couple of words and I hope we can do it again soon. 

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Posted by Tristan Roberts on Friday, 27 March 2020